Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 24 from Baseline

Back to K today for another monthly mashup. Today's visit was obviously another major milestone given the number and breadth of tests that was performed on my person. There was the full gammot of surveys, blood tests, pee-in-a-cup tests, joint counts and a physical by a doctor.

All previous tests were normal and it kinda nice to see that hardly any swelling was picked up in any of my joints, including the ever-depressing left ankle.

The last week has been better than the previous week in terms of my SPA. I have remembered all week to take all my prescribed doses of Salazopyrin, and this has made quite the difference with the lower-grade general soreness I get in my ankle. So over all, where my SPA has been concerned, I'm pretty pleased.

But where I am less pleased, is the number of headaches I've bene getting lately. I had a particularly filthy 3-day category hell nightmare bestowed on me a couple of weeks ago, and the headaches have been intermittant ever since. For example right now, as I type this, I have a headache that I'd issue a pain score of around 3. This one popped up on Sunday morning. It was worse then. But I had a day on which I had a ticket to a WordPress event called WordCamp, so I masked it with the usual overdose of Nurofin Plus and carried on. the headache was only gone completely yesterday afternoon. But it has come back today, so more Nurofin Plus has already been had.

And yes, I very much hate this shit and I know I take too much of it. But when Paracetamol doesn't work at all, that doesn't really leave you with a bucketload of other options.

I've started keeping a diary to document the occurances of these latest batch of headaches. I'm recording what I eat, drink, location and the severity/type of pain I am experiencing and if they don't sort themselves out, I will be booking an appointment with Dr Flowers. Do I know where they are coming from? I suppose there are things going on that aren't helping keep them away. But I don't really have any hard evidence that I can point to and give an emphatic "YOU!"


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