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Warning: This post may make you lose your lunch

I was going through some old photos on my PC and found some I thought I'd lost. They are from 2006 when I broke my tibia and fibular bones in my troublesome left ankle.

When I talk about 'the ankle', this is it. It would fall apart a year later due to the beginnings of the onset of my condition. This is where it started 

It's been seven years, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

Oh yeah, it hurt like a bitch!

Week 110 from Baseline: Another year for you Ma'am?

Although regular followers will recall I promised only to post when I had something interesting or specific to share (as opposed to fill up posts basically saying nothing has changed) it has been quite a while so I thought I might drop in and give a bit of a status update.

My last visit to the research clinic (during week 104) was supposed to be my final visit. I was all ready to go through my last set of tests, surveys and preparing to say farewell to all the people who played a role in my welfare. You can only imagine my surprise when, upon arrival, my Commanding Officer informed me that the trial was going to run for another 12 months and invited me to continue.

I have no reason not to. In fact, the opposire applies. I have every reason to. Humera (Adalimumab) (when combined with the Sulfasalazine) has essentially been a miracle drug for me, if there is such a thing. It is the real reason behind this blog being so quiet. When I decided to document my experiences on this blog, I never dreamed I would face the situation where I would have little to say because I am largely symptom-free.

Let me say that again, just for emphasis. On most days, I AM SYMPTOM-FREE!

No Uveitis, no obvious signs of swelling and I'm largely pain-free. The only problems now happen occasionally at night. During those times, the I get back pain is enough to prevent me from sleeping, resulting me to take liberal doses of ibuprofen and codeine in order to take the edge off enough to get to sleep. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. While the back pain comes and goes, it is the one symptom I can't seem to shake off totally. And I know I am not totally free of inflammation. Each time I have a joint assessment at the research clinic, they always find one or two joints with swelling in them.

But this is a lot better than in late 2010 when I started in the trial. Those joint assessments revealed inflammation in the almost all of my joints. Yes indeed, I have benefited a lot from my drug-issuing Masters of arthritis research.

But even this doesn't stop me running anymore. Ah running. The very thing that started it all. The goal I kept looking to during the seven years of hell I went through prior to being diagnosed. Getting back to being able to hit the pavement. That goal has been attained :)

Until next time then xx