Thursday, April 14, 2011 1 comments

AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHH *scritch scritch scritch*

I had to take my Adalimumab dose on Tuesday.

Stupid itching... It's driving me insane.

So I have decided to give the Zertec a try. And I found some old out-of-used-by-date creme that had 'steriod' as part of another word on the side of the tube. DermAid it is called. Mum and Dad tend to give me a lot of stuff they think I'll find useful. I'm sure they gave it to me. It's for minor skin irritation of a varying nature.

It doesn't work.


Week 30 from Baseline

Has it been 30 weeks already? My golly gosh! How time flies when people poke you in many places and you subject yourself to regular session of self-voodoo.

In the days since my week 28 update, my arthritis sympoms have been practically non-existent. In the last few months, a few occasions have seen relatively minor symptoms interrupt what has been substantial periods of relaxed normality. This has seen me gradually increasing the times I wear my heeled shoes. And aside from the usual misery your put your feet through when wearing these shoes, I have had no problems whatsoever.

I felt so confident that I have finally ghained back some choice over the matter, that two weeks ago I bought a new pair of black boots and a pair of red shoes, both with heels. Not overly high. But heels nonetheless. And since I refuse to wait for rainly days to wear all my new purchases, I have pretty much lived in these two pairs of shoes ever since.

But I know I need to give my feet a break, so I jump into my runners and flats in between heels in the office. I suppose it would be inevitable I would also suffer foot cramps, a sure fire symptom that one's feet has been over-smooshed from the wearing of high-heeled shoes. Smooshing cramps aside, I am so pleased my ankle is performing well under such conditions.

All I ever wanted, was the choice. Becuase for many years, there has been no choice. It's nice to have choice back.