Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week 27 from Baseline *scritch*

Forget earthquakes, tsunamis, global warming and corruption. The real tragedy of importance right now can be revealed by my posing to you, my dear readers, a question.

Are there any other Humira/Adalimumab users get itchy at the injection site after administering their dose?

No seriously. I'm going totally batty.

The last several injections, probably 4-5, have resulted in the type of insatiable itch surrounding the injection site that could drive one into a murderous rampage. On the basis of my moaning misery I am convinced no jury could convict, particularly not after anywhere between five to seven days of tingling, tickling terrorism.

I am the only one? Is this is normal?

As you all were. Nothing to see here. *scritch* *scritch* *scritch* *scritch* *scritch*


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