Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 20 from Baseline

Yes, another weekly update that is four days late. I really must make an effort to get back on schedule.

It was last Friday in the afternoon that I last posted on here (complete with the pictures) details regarding my post-run swelling. So naturally, you might think a smart person would have learned to take it easy. A smart person would slow down. A smart person would not back up their run two days later with another run after such arthritic results.

Hey, I never professed to be smart.

The run on Saturday actually went better than the first run the previous Thursday. For starters, I ran further and longer. Not much longer and further mind you but a little bit makes the difference. The pain and swelling I experienced from the run on Thursday had gone so in all honestly there no real barrier to having another go. After the run on Saturday, the ankle swelled up and there was a little bit of pain. It behaved in exactly same manner as after the Thursday run, except that the symptoms didn’t take 20-something hours to appear. My ankle was ‘tired’, if I can call it that, immediately after I pulled up Saturday morning.

To make matters more interesting, the Big Day Out was held in Melbourne the following day (Sunday) and since I love these big events, I had put my name down to volunteer. It hit 39 degrees C at some stage in the afternoon. ‘Carnage’ is a word I’d happy use to describe how the BDO went. There were no moments to rest. Given what I had put the ankle though the past 4 days, I was extremely pleased with how it held up. Again it was quite tired-feeling by the time I got home but this was no surprise given that all us volunteers were completely knackered and stank worse than a council tip.

I haven’t been able to run since as the weather has not been all that wonderful. I might try and go tonight or tomorrow. We will see.

This week (Week 20) was also noted by a trip to K. My blood tests from last visit were all fine. There was some swelling in my left ankle (duh) and also in my right ankle (????). But other than that, it was a fairly unremarkable visit with only the small batch of surveys to complete and no physical assessment due.


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