Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week 18 from Baseline

In the last week, my back has been extremely grumpy which I assume is due to lack of attention by my Chiropractor. But since my visit on Monday, I have had no further troubles.
I’ve also been prone to a few more headaches of which I am putting down to an overabundance of stress. It’s true that there are parts of my life that are a little stressful right now. And sometimes, in the weak and sooky moments, it does gets the better of you.

But in terms of my arthritis, I’m fairly pleased with how the last week has gone. I did experience a bit of pain in the ankle briefly last week. It felt painful, but really, it felt more tired than in pain. I wasn’t wearing any heels when it started and it was a day in which my physical activity was limited. It might very well be the makings of a flare up, but if that’s true, it was definitely subdued by either the Adalimumab or the Salazopyrin.

I have to confess, the pain in my back, my head and to a lesser extent, my ankle has once again combined to make Nurofin Plus my best friend in the world. And that’s never a good thing. I did attempt to dull my aches with some Paracetamol, but as usual, it works as effectively as hitting the sore bits with a hammer. It doesn't only fail in its job to relieve the pain, it fails to stop it from getting worse.


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