Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Week 16 from Baseline

I have always set up my visit to K at 8:00am in order to get to work at a somewhat respectable time. Given today is the last day of my annual leave, and I am most certainly not at work, you’d think I’d have been smart enough to change this weeks’ appointment time and allow myself a final day sleep in. Since I didn’t, I might have possibly been seen driving to K cursing my stupidity and lack of forward thinking on the issue.

Its obvious most of Melbourne is still on holiday. I zoomed over the Westgate Bridge and arrived at my appointment at 7:30am. At other times when I leave at 7am, I usually get there right on 8am. And being early had another benefit. I got out of the clinic earlier than usual and zoomed home again.

What also worked about getting seen early lies in the law of unintended consequences. My CO obviously needs her morning coffee before stabbing any arms with needles. I expect a mighty bruise later on my right arm later and the stab was definitely not ‘just a little sting’. I left the clinic with Cotton balls taped to both arms. If I turn up that early again, I will take in a coffee for her.

My blood tests from last visit were all normal. In terms of my joints, I have swelling in my right ankle which is a first as far as I can recall. Without a joint assessment, I would never have known. It’s certainly not noticeable in any way.

Took my dose, packed a traveller and I was off again to start my day.

Zoom Zoom!


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