Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Really, it starts at week 12

I took my first dose of Adalimumab! I think. Unless I really was taking it before. Oh, never mind. I'm sure you get the point.

The visit to K yesterday was quite the busy one.

The week 12 milestone was so much more than simply coming to the end of the of the time that all test rabbits patients may be taking a placebo. There are several things I need to do, or need to have checked every visit. Blood tests, surveys, blood pressure, answer questions, joint assessments and dose.

But at week 12, additional things were required. There were many more survey pages. I believe that I had to re-do the same survey pages as per my original baseline visit. It’s hard to remember exactly but I think they were a repeat. My weight was checked. There were one or two additional tests and a series questions and an examination by a doctor. The General wasn’t there so another doctor checked me out. He was the one I saw at my second visit. I gave him a bit cheek and he returned serve. I like him.

My CO reports all tests from last visit were fine. I am, once again, unremarkable. I was also very pleased to report a very happy last 2 weeks, culminating with the two jog sessions. I haven’t been able to go on another run since last week, but that’s thanks to the fact that Australia’s 15 year horror-drought has been broken by dumping 15 years worth of rainfall in 2 months and does not have anything to do with my aches and pains.

Oh, and under no circumstances am I allowed to stop Salazopyrin. I have been told.


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