Monday, December 6, 2010

Excuse me Belvedere, but my pill bottle is empty

Back when I commenced in the trial, The General and I had a short and sweet conversation about stepping down from taking Salazopyrin given I was about to commence on Adalimumab. After all, who want to stay on several different prescription pharmaceuticals when only one will do?

The General wasn’t all that keen to have that discussion at the time and had valid reasons for this. I was strongly advised, which I always take to me a non-negotiable order, to keep taking Salazopyrin because for the first 12 weeks, I may very well be injecting a substance that treats arthritis symptoms about as well as sucking on a Chupa Chup while standing on my head.

But tomorrow, is Week 12 from Baseline. Tomorrow I will be back at K for another round of assessments and surveys, only this time I know what I will be injecting. In this trial, Week 12 marks the end of the 50/50-chance-you’re-on-the-placebo period. This is just as well because last night, I took the last of the Salazopyrin in my possession and I’m out of repeat prescriptions.

I would love to suggest that leaving me with an empty Salazopyrin bottle the day before commencing on Adalimumab was the product of brilliant planning. I would then have a perfect opportunity to work in my favourite over-used 21st century buzzword; ‘synergy’ or ‘synergies’, just for kicks. But sadly for me, and lucky for you, there’ll be no working in unimpressive buzzwords I like to constantly pick on. Not today. Because I assure you, it wasn’t planned at all. Just coincidental.


Jason said...

I have had a lot of catch up reading to do here. Shaz, my mate, I feel so very bad for not being there for you. The long years of friendship may still stand strong, but I really need to improve my communication and dedication to those who mean so much. Reading your diary has been a little eye opener for me, and made me realise that what I have may well have it's down side but that I also don't really have such a bad running right now. I hope that from now onwards I can be the type of friend I always wanted to be. We should find some time after the madness of Christmas to hang out :)
I will continue reading your journey here and you always have my love, friendship and support!

Sharon Carpenter said...

Get your head out of your arse and stop being a sooky-la drama queen :-)

Our friendship hasn't wavered. Not ever! You are and always have been the friend I have needed in all the ways that actually matter. Besides, I could apply the same logic the other way.

Big love, and yes we will catch up again really soon xx

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