Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 7 from Baseline

I’ve been obviously subject to an overabundant supply of uneasiness on several issues that are to do with accident and trauma, the media, equality, freedom and right to have an opinion, and nothing at all to do with my condition. The evidence of this is in my Tweets, on my blog and elsewhere I care not to mention. To some degree, I put it down the fact that I have an exam coming up on Friday. The exam is on a subject about social and political matters, particularly pertaining to women, democracy and human, social and political rights. I believe in these things. I chose to take this elective subject as part of my studies because of the fact I care about these issues very much and if I bang on about these issues in the public realm it’s because they’re important.

But no one likes a loud mouth espousing her beliefs too much. So this opinionated anonymous nobody will do her utmost to cease the soap box activity and return to regularly scheduled blogging.

The fact is that in the last week I have been pain free. Being pain free has lead to my mind being distracted into my exams, into my work and into my public umbrage. I’m delighted with this. Being not distracted into thinking or feeling my condition has been quite a long time coming. My only issue is a minor two-day headache which tells me I’ve worked my arse off lately, am under a little stress and in dire need a holiday. A little Panadol and the most recent episode of Dexter and a good nights’ sleep will fix that.

Week 7 means no visit to K which means no tests, bloods, obs or assessments. Week 6 is also not a dosing week. So I’m going to choose to remain distracted in the content of my text books because I have an exam to pass!


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