Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week 10 From Baseline

In the last week, I’ve not been inflicted with any arthritis symptoms at all. Oh hooray!

In the last week, my left hamstring has been grumpy. Boo.

This was unfortunate because it put my idea of trying out a short run on the backburner. I am disappointed about that. I was looking forward to writing about how it went, how unfit I found myself out to be, and finally, when I thought I might be able to give it another go.

The hamstrung hamstring started on Thursday afternoon. I was just doing my usual thing at work which comprise the types of activities one cannot call taxing or physically strenuous. My lunch break consisted of a short walk across the street to the pub in order to provide a sensible send off to a colleague who was finishing his contract that day. I would say it was filled with booze, politically insensitive jokes and naughty shenanigans like the old days, becuase I could then suggest I did the hamstring doing something stupid. But sadly, those days of long lunches of drinking as much booze as you muster before dragging your drunk arse back to the office at 4:00pm ended the day I stopped working for the Finance industry.

In other words, I don’t know what caused it.

Why have I mentioned this? Because I have little else to mention. At least symptomatically. Oh hooray!

Today is a dosing day. I only remembered during the middle of a Top Gear episode. The next ad break left no time to think about if I was going to be brave enough to jab into my thigh so I rushed though the administering the dose and filling out the diary refusing to miss even a second of Hammond, May and Clarkson tooling around in self-made limousines. Ah, those three are simply brilliant and I could never ever get bored watching them on Top Gear.


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