Monday, October 11, 2010

Week ending 10th October 2010

You know what? I feel pretty good at the moment.

Over the last two weeks, my hip and my ankle have been behaving themselves like children who become perfect little angels because they want an expensive toy for Christmas.

But being the angels they were, I give the fortnight a big green tick.

There was only one glitch to an almost perfect record. My right achilles tendon, the immediate area around it and the area where the intermediate and laterial cuneiform bone are gave me a little soreness in the evening yesterday. It was a lovely day so I spent the day in my birkenstocks and in bare feet. It always gave me soreness in the same places under the same conditions. The pain and discomfort levels hadn't changed from last year, and I would give the scope as a 3 for the time the pain and discomfort were present.

I see this as evidence of any of the following scenarios:

1. The birkenstocks are the problem.
2. The drugs haven't kicked in yet.
3. I am on the placebo.
4. All or part of this is not due to arthritis and is a result of the trauma.
5. All or part of this is is due to both trauma and arthritis.

No idea really.


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