Monday, October 4, 2010

Week ending 03 October 2010

Overall, the week has been average, but not in a negative way.

On a positive note, I spent Saturday at the AFL Grand Final v2. Normally when I spend all day at a duty, the left ankle always pull up sore and I cannot recall a duty when it didn't. When I go on duty, it is the degree of soreness I will endure at the end of the day I often wonder about. I always have residual soreness. I have occasionally wondered if it had to do with the boots I wear given that there are often duties you spend when little, if anything actually happens. When I got home on Saturday night, I observed that my ankle felt as good as it did when I got out of bed in the morning.

The yin to my yan was last Monday, Thursday and again on Sunday, the day after the Grand Final. But given I spent last Sunday demanding my feet to walk me around Altona for a few hours, a bit of pain on Monday is no real surprise. Wednesday there was noticable pain in the achilles tendon. Or under it. I am never really sure given that palpating the tendon itself doesn't hurt. Yesterday was the day after the Grand Final, but even so, since the ankle wasn't sore after the duty, it didn't make a lot of sense it got sore yesterday.

In all cases, it was the dull ache as opposed to the sharp pain which since starting on Salazopyrin, I don't get anymore. The tendon pain is a sharper when, when walking, the weight transfers from heel of my foot to the front and I push off. Its the pushing off that hurts, but not enough to render me limpy on this particular occasion.


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