Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rove McManus discovers Adalimumab (Humira) is not something to be taken lightly

Abbot, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures the Adalimumab into little syringes called Humira have come up with some new Ads which are now screening on American telly. If you've ever been to the US and watched a little television, you will know how numerous, and outright scary those ads from pull pushers can be. Most companies have regulations around how pharmaceutical companies can market to consumers. For Australia, there's no room at all to advertise prescription meds, with Aussie law makers leaving the decision between you and your doctors alone without marketing interference.  But on the USA, arguably the largest pip-popping over-medicated country, these rules do not apply.

"Got *blah*, *blah* and *blah* symptoms?. Chances are it might be *blah* and you should be worried. Ask your doctor to prescribe *blah* drugs to you. Go see your doctor today."

Last time I was in the US, I even saw one that went along the lines of "Feeling okay? Well, that's wonderful, but you can feel even BETTER if you take THIS"

Let's not beat around the bush. These ads are designed to frighten people. Frighten people into see their doctor and requesting medication. Between the pressure from the patient and from the drug companies, doctors are in a helluva bind. It's a terrible state of affairs really, but that's a whole other blog article.

Recently, comedian and Australian ex-pat Rove McManus has picked up on these ads. But notably he picked up on the ads promoting Humira.  Now, Humira is no small potatoes. You have very seriousl problems if you are using it and doctors do not put you on it lightly. This is highlighted quite firmly in the ad. Rove's analysis is  quite funny and not unfamiliar or unwarranted. To those of us taking Humira such as myself, we all had these thoughts. But a comedian sums them up quite well. Better than us mere mortals,

Yes, my readers, the content in these ads are true. However, when one is suffering from a chronic condition that results in crippling pain, you'll pretty much do what you need to do to manage it.

Start the video at 1:34 seconds and enjoy.


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