Thursday, April 14, 2011

AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHH *scritch scritch scritch*

I had to take my Adalimumab dose on Tuesday.

Stupid itching... It's driving me insane.

So I have decided to give the Zertec a try. And I found some old out-of-used-by-date creme that had 'steriod' as part of another word on the side of the tube. DermAid it is called. Mum and Dad tend to give me a lot of stuff they think I'll find useful. I'm sure they gave it to me. It's for minor skin irritation of a varying nature.

It doesn't work.



Anonymous said...

Maybe if you attended your appointments we could talk about stopping the itching?? I hear all the way from Queensland that you didn't show up yesterday. BAD SHARON!! BAD!!!!
-Your ex-CO

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