Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I just *had* to go for a walk

I simply had to go for a walk today because today marked the first day since the end of summer the mercury sailed past of 20 degrees. My skin, which had been separated from the sun's rays for so long that it had consulted a lawyer and commenced divorce proceedings, was singing in delight.

We started from my house at around 11:30am and headed to an area of Altona that we hadn't yet discovered and which contained no traces of plastics factories or petroleum processing plants. After around an hour and a half we headed back the way we came and got back in the door around 3:30pm.

My hip which had recovered from its small flare up by now held out nicely. My left ankle on the other hand, did not. There was no presence of any sharp knife-like pain like I used to get in the years leading up to my diagnoses. A dull ache started fairly early on the way home. By the time I got home it was sore. I would give it a pain score of 6/10. After having sat down for an hour the pain had increased to 7/10 and I limped to the fridge when ever I got up to get a drink or some other minor task.

It remained like this for the remainder of the evening so 30 minutes before bed, I popped a couple of Neurofin Plus which, as usual, did little for the pain but enough to provide me enough mental lubrication to get to sleep.

And, as usual, I woke up on Monday with the ankle returned to its swollen state I describe now as "normal" and relatively pain free.


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